About Us


There’s a story behind Green Health that speaks of family, health and commitment that speaks to paying-it-forward, ensuring that everyone has access to the best and most trusted health products available.

You won’t find a product on Green Health that we haven’t personally vetted, many actually being used by our staff or their families.

Our pledge to you is this.

  1. We’ll carry only the highest quality health and natural products.
  2. Our prices will always be fair and competitive, matching, often besting other suppliers.
  3. Our reviews will be fair, honest but always holding the manufacturer accountable.

While we may never meet personally, we feel that Green Health is a community of people.  People who care not simply about their own, but also those around them, their community, our country, our planet.

At Green Health, we take pride in ensuring each of our customers is happy with their purchase.  We want you to come back, to share, and to help us make you and your friends experience that much better.  We stand behind each of our products with pride and assurance that they are among the best available.

If you ever have questions are comments, you’ll always find a friendly ear.  Feel free to contact us anytime.  You’ll find our team friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.  We want you to be satisfied and will do whatever we can to ensure that outcome.

We may be new to you, but our commitment to excellence and customer service is reflected in everything we do.

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